Foreign Rights

Au diable vauvert is an independent publishing house, founded in October 2000 in Vauvert, South of France, by its actual managing director Marion Mazauric. With authors such as David Foster Wallace, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Coupland, Irvin Welsh, William Gibson, Paolo Bacigalupi, Tao Lin, John King and Nicolas Rey, Pierre Bordage, Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, Thomas Gunzig, Régis de Sá Moreira, Titiou Lecoq, Julien Blanc-Gras, Romain Monnery, Au diable vauvert shows its convictions : today’s literature, away from academicism, is having a fresh start.
Urban but organic-committed house, hyperconnected but located between hills and marshlands, Au diable vauvert releases less than 25 books a year, including french and foreign literature, documentaries, albums, music, comics, youth lite- rature, nowadays’ poetry…

Marion Mazauric, Editor



Marie-Pacifique Zeltner – +33 6 22 05 19 78